About Us

Airports2go was established in 1995 by Barbara and Alan O’Donnell. Barbara, already a taxi driver in the worthing area, was increasingly frustrated at the lack of not only the reliability of the local companies when travelling as a family to the airport, but also the suitability of the car that was often sent.

It was not unusual to travel with our children to the airport with luggage on our laps and under our feet, due to a saloon car being sent for a family of 4: often local taxi’s have toolkits, cleaning kits etc in their boot leaving little room for luggage. Return journeys were equally fraught as the car would only be dispatched once our flight had landed meaning that we often had to wait around when we were all tired, cold and fed up. On top of all of that we then had to find our way to the pick up point outside to find the driver! – Barbara

This spurred on the realisation that Worthing needed a specialist Airport Transfer company. Research was carried out in and around the Worthing area talking to potential clients and other companies offering a similar service, and it was finally decided a company called AirportsRus was to be created. A small advertisement was placed in the free local newspaper, with the company aims being to offer a reliable, friendly, comfortable and competitive service to all airports and seaports. The business went from strength to strength.

In 2002,  due to circumstances outside of the company’s control, AirportsRus became Airports2go. Operating now for 15 years, Airports2go have a wealth of knowledge and are suited to handle almost any situations that arise.  Many of our customers have been with us since the start, and now in 2014 we are a specialist Airport/seaport and long distance travel company travelling nationwide.